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Don't "feel" like you fit into societies idea of male or female?
Here are some basic definitions to help you in your self discovery. 

Some Basic Terms

Sex - refers to your physical anatomy that determines if your body is considered female or male.
Heterosexual - refers to sexual behavior and attraction to people of the opposite sex or gender.
Homosexual - refers to sexual attraction to people of the same sex or gender.
Gender - is a psychosocial construct for classification.
Intersexed - people with chromosomal or physiological anomalies that lead to ambiguous genitalia. 
Sexual Orientation - The desire for intimate emotional and sexual relationships with people of the same gender (homosexual), or another gender (heterosexual), or more than one gender (bi-sexual).

Gender Identity Terms

Gender Identity - is a person's sense of their own gender.
Gender Expression - is the gender you demonstrate to others.
Gender Variant - variation from society gender norms associated with one's physical sex.
Gender Dysphoria - is an overwhelming desire to assume the physiological characteristics and social roles of the opposite sex.
Gender Identity Disorder - A diagnosis by psychologists of a condition where a person assigned one gender identifies as belonging to another, or does not conform to the gender role society prescribes to them.
Transgender - is an umbrella term used to describe gender variant people who have gender identity expressions or behaviors not traditionally associated with their birth sex.  Not all transgendered persons alter their physical anatomy.
Transvestite - Fetish in which a heterosexual male dresses in the clothing of the opposite sex, as the primary means of sexual arousal.
Crossdresser -one who wears opposite gender clothing.
Transsexual - A person who feels "trapped" in the wrong body and wishes to become a member of, or be identified as, the opposite sex.  They undergo hormone therapy and often surgical procedures to "correct" what they consider is a birth defect.  The diagnosis given transsexual people is Gender Identity Disorder.  
Two Spirit - A native American term for people who blend the masculine and feminine.  Transsexual and gender queer people fall under this concept.
Gender Queer - A gender variant person whose gender identity is not exclusively male nor female, but identifies as both, neither or is some combination of the genders.  This condition is known by many different names: gender fukt, gender binary, gender queer, "other", gender ambiguous, shemale, etc. 
MTF - or male to female - is a term used to denote a male bodied person transitioning to a female presentation and gender roll.  Also known as a transwoman.  Hormones and surgery may or may not be involved. 
FTM - or female to male
- is a designation used to denote a female bodied person transitioning to a male presentation and gender roll.  Also known as a transman.  Hormones and surgery may or may not be involved.
Boi - misspelling of "boy" and used by young gay males, some female bodied transsexuals, lesbians, dykes or queers, gender queer or
gender f**ked.
Tranny Chaser - Tranny chasers are people who are sexually attracted to pre-op or non-op transsexuals.   "Tranny chaser" is used as a derogatory term because it is considered to be a fetish-like attraction to the penis of a pre-operative or non-operative transwoman (MTF) or to the vagina of a pre- or non-operative transman (FTM).  Also known as transfans or trannie chaser, trans catcher, and tranny hawk.

Sexual Orientation Terms

Stone Butch or No-ho/No-op - are female bodies persons that live full-time in the male gender role without the use of hormones or surgery.
Butch and femme are terms often used in the lesbian and gay subcultures to describe a person's approximate adherence to traditional masculine and feminine gender roles respectively, within a same-sex relationship.
Drag Queens or Drag Kings - Typically a gay man or lesbian (respectively) who wears opposite gender clothing, makeup, and displays mannerisms for their own or others appreciation or for entertainment.

Gender Questions

Do you dislike being the gender you are?
Do you dislike your body shape?
Do you dislike your genitals?
Does being a man, or woman depress you?
Have you ever wanted to kill yourself because of your gender?
In an ideal world, would you be the opposite gender?
Do you have a history of wanting to be the opposite gender?
Would you like to take hormones for the opposite gender?
Are you interested in sex reassignment surgery?

If you answered yes to some or most of these questions, you are likely a transsexual/transgendered  person.  For an accurate evaluation, you need to see a therapist who specializes in treating transsexual/transgendered people.