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MTF Transition Diary - download pdf and print to keep track of your transition.
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Then click on vaginoplasty and just go through the material.  It has a lot of good stuff.

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Scroll about half way down you will see "Customer Information" and under that click on "Surgery - A Guide for MTF's" this is a downloadable pdf.
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Transition Assistance
Check with your insurance company first, as some do cover part or all of transition costs.

Jim Collins Foundation
Provide financial assistance to transgender people for SRS/GCS


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Getting started in transition can be confusing.
This is a basic list of steps that will help get started.
Some Terms First
MTF - male to female
FTM - female to male
GID - Gender Identity Disorder (Dysphoria)
HRT - Hormone Replacement therapy
SRS/GCS - Sex Reassignment Surgery/Gender Confirming Surgery
TRANSITION - the process of changing physical gender identity and role.
FULLTIME - in this paper, is used to refer to living every day, all day in your new gender.
~ The Basic Steps ~
1. Find a good support group.  Either on line, or a group that meets face to face.  These are the people who will help you through your transition!
2. Get Informed!  Read about what it is to be transsexual.  Do your own research on the web.  Get resources from your group or therapist.

3. MTF's begin electrolysis.  Find an electrologist experienced with MTF hair removal issues, preferably including hair removal for SRS/GCS for the future.

4. Start a weight loss program.   If you are MTF, begin losing weight now while you are waiting to start HRT.  After you start hormones, it will be a bear to lose weight!  A trainer may help lean out muscle mass and burn fat.  Check with your doctor before starting a new health program. 
Pay special attention to your health!
You have been through a great deal of stress in your life, don’t risk losing your health so close to finally having the life you waited so long for!

5. Seek a therapist and start therapy.  It is preferable to find one with experience treating transsexuals, not for the purpose of deciding transition, but rather to help you sort out life issues.  You have spent your life in the wrong gender. Your therapy should address boundary issues, since often our rights were taken away when we didn't fit the mould.

It usually takes 3 months of therapy or more to get a letter from your therapist to start HRT.  You may have to interview several therapists before you find one you can work well with. 

6. Ask your doctor if he or she will start you on HRT.   Or seek out a doctor willing to work with you towards transition.  Start HRT as soon as you have your letter (An HRT letter is not always required).  You can download a document to help your doctor understand doses of hormones to give you here.
7. Get advise about dress, hair, presentation, etc.  Start working on your female or male look.   Learn the vocabulary of your desired gender.  MTF's start working on you feminine voice pitch. 
     Choose a name  http://www.babynames.com

8. Going out in public often can build your self confidence.  Go with someone, do not go alone!  Avoid isolated places, especially after dark!   This will take courage.  It is highly recommended that you have a letter from your therapist stating you are in therapy for GID, before you go into a public restroom for the opposite gender.

9. Watch and imitate mannerisms of other women or men.  Learning the fundamental difference in the male and female anatomy can help you change the way you walk and carry yourself.

10. Dealing with what others think of you - The more polished your presentation, the easier it is for others to accept you in the new role. 
If you don’t sell it, they won’t buy it! 
You will need your therapist and support group at this point.  Take advise, but never let anyone dictate the direction of your life.  Be true to yourself! 

11. Start your name change when you're ready to go full time as your true self.  It is still possible to change your DL and SS card first with simple forms from DMV and 25.00.  For more info, go to:
Click on the Resources Tab.

Many people still prefer to do a name change through the court system.  It can run around $300.00 if you have an income, or if you are poor, you can get a fee waiver.  See link above for more information.

12. Inform others of your name change - contact all companies you deal with and inform them of your name change.  (It's nice to have everything come in the right name.)   Provide documents as requested.  You may have to open new bank accounts in the new name or reapply for credit cards.

13.  Transition on the job.  If you are employed, you should speak to Personnel about your transition.  Try to get management on your side.   Be well informed on how to transition at work before your meeting.  Know your rights, but be flexible. Get advise each step of the way.  Have a "speaker" come to your work to educate co-workers if needed.
Info for Transitioning at work at:

Note: You will have to go full-time for one year before you get a letter
from your therapist recommending you for SRS/GCS. 
You will need this letter for your surgeon.

14.  Research surgeries and begin saving for the surgeries you feel will make you whole.  It is usually best to wait a few years for hormones to take their effect before getting surgeries.  You may find you don’t need as much surgery as you thought, if you wait and see how your body changes.

    * For MTF, usually facial feminization and/or breast Augmentation are
      the first surgeries of choice.  But if money is an issue you may
      choose to save for SRS/GCS instead.  
    * For FTM, usually breast reduction is the first surgery. 
      FTM’s often elect not to have SRS/GCS because of the quality of
      the procedures available at this time.

15.  Sex reassignment surgery is usually the last event in transition.   The average time till surgery is about 2 to 3 years or more into transition. Not everyone chooses to get SRS/GCS.
16. Change your gender marker.  The laws have changed recently with respect to gender change.  Be sure to check into the current laws at:

Please Note:  If you are FTM and have insurance through your work and have not had a hysterectomy, DO NOT get your gender marker changed till you have had a hysterectomy!   Your insurance company will not pay for a man to have a histo!

17. Don’t forget to apply for your new birth certificate

18. It's recommended that you continue with therapy for 6 months or more after SRS.  Depression is a common problem after transition due to the realization of the limits of transition on what you see in the mirror and other issues that arise in your life as a result of transition.

19.  My personal advise and a good rule of thumb. 
Don't focus your attention on what "didn’t" change to your liking, but rather focus on what you do have.  Realize, that your body is not “who” you are, it is only an accessory of who is wearing it!  “Be” who you are inside, don’t “be” your body.

Have a Great Transition and a Great Life!

General Resources
Trans Guys - full of info and resources

FTM Transition Diary - download pdf and print to keep track of your transition.
Protocals for HRT - pdf
Surgery and Options
Hudson's Guide to FTM Genital Reconstruction Surgery

CK Life
Helps TG Get Help.

Phalloplasty History

The Penis
Boys under attack

FTM Packing
& Urinary Gear

Transition Assistance
Check with your insurance company first, as some do cover part or all of transition costs.

Jim Collins Foundation
Provide financial assistance to transgender people for SRS/GCS

Transaid - raises funds, through online donations for transmen seeking financial assistance.  To be applied toward the cost of hormones, surgery, binders, packers, etc... As well  as rent & food!
Community For Guys
FTM Tube - FTM You Tube style site

FTM Mentors - Find a local ftm for support.

Guys Like Us (GLU) Los Angeles
This is a group of gay, bisexual, trans, curious, and queer guys looking to challenge the way members in our community interact with one another. Organizing social events.

Trans Guys World Map
Add yourself to the world map.

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